HTC One M10 release date, price, specs, features

People Edge enables you to assign different colors to up to five different contacts. Whenever notifications from these contacts appear, a correlating shaded strip will appear on the edge of the display. You can swipe out the strips to view more details and respond directly, or tap a shortcut at the very top to access your five saved contacts.

The good news is that with the buy of Motorola this past year, Google will always have a mobile device producer in their back pocket. Many have wondered why Google still hasn’t given Moto the chance to produce a Nexus device. If Google withdraws the Nexus line, at the minimum they would be able to continue producing ”similar” devices through Motorola. We all know that the Moto X and Moto G are excellent gadgets and with Google’s support, there’s no reason to think we couldn’t visit a Moto branded ”Nexus-like” fall into line that is equally impressive hardware-sensible and equally inexpensive to manufacture, albeit under another name.

A number of weblogs and download reviews suggest WhatsApp Bluetooth Messenger in an effort to use WhatsApp without internet connection. But also the name should established alarm bells ringing, because Bluetooth is certainly a short-range radio technology that’s got nothing at all related to the internet. Did you ever hear someone say, “Hey men! It doesn’t matter that people don’t have telephone or internet signal! I’ve Bluetooth!”? Exactly.

So, in the end this, which may be the better phone? There are obvious drawbacks to the G Flex 2 but it would still be worth factor if its price was considerably lower. Unfortunately this isn’t the case – the next generation of the telephone currently retails at about US$60 less than the brand new G4 (roughly $750 weighed against $690), a pretty negligible keeping in the context.

From cards in the Recents list, to cards based Settings menu, to card based notifications, an application drawer that is on cards now, and cards dominating the inside of the Google applications as well, cards are here to stay so we hope you like them too. Just setting up your brand-new Lollipop equipped Android phone is a more colorful and fun experience.