Samsung debuts new top quality Android tablets: Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5

If you ask me, Samsung doesn’t have the best reputation for battery existence. However I’ve heard from Take note 3 users that theirs does last some time though, therefore with a battery of 9,500 mAh in the Note Pro, it could be interesting to put it into practice for a whole day of normal utilization to see how it stands. For the time being, and until the Note Pro is made available for lengthy tests, we can’t actually judge the battery at this stage in time and can only bottom ourselves on what Samsung says: it supposedly provides 10 hours of playback video on one charge, which is more than most Android devices out there.

This theme has completely embraced Android Lollipop, and works brilliantly with devices that have received the coveted update. One of its best features is a bar, like the Windows Start Menu, that pops up on the left side of your screen, and lets you launch your favorite apps without having them cluttering up your home screen. You can customize your All Apps list completely, and also tweak the design, icons and colours to your heart’s content.

In a expressed word, quality. If the adapter requires tape or sticky plastic material to carry the SIM set up, it isn’t going to be considered a perfect fit, and which means there’s a very good chance that after the SIM is place by you in, you’ll have a hell of a time setting it up back out again. That means the truly cheap SIM adapters can be a false economy (see above).

If you’re really quick, there’s still time to get a Nexus 5 from Google Play. Stock is now limited to the black version, and there’s no knowing quite when products will run out, but for there is still a chance that you could buy immediate from Google. Depending on what your location is in the world, you might still be lucky and find that you can still order. Here in the UK, it’s turning up as out of stock in both 16 and 32GB varieties, nevertheless, you may have more luck.

Streaming music and playing MP3s using Google Play Music is definitely much more enjoyable given that Google has updated their app, along with a great many other ones like Drive, Gmail, Google+ etc. The slidable card-like levels have already been integrated masterfully, and there are some neat stylistic details as well, just like the sandwich button on the top left part which artistically transforms into an arrow.