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With eduCBA’s giant Tech Training bundle (now just US$49 in the AndroidPIT Deals Store), you’ll have the catalog of resources of a fully-stocked and staffed tech-based university close at hand – whether you’re interested in programming, IT, web site design or other disciplines – forever. 4. Connect your Galaxy Note 4 via USB cable connection to your personal computer and wait for Odin to identify it (a blue container should appear in ID:COM).

The various sounds your Android mobile phone makes all serve a purpose – yet sometimes they are able to get irritating. The fact that the camera app makes sounds is partly for legal reasons, so long lasting deactivation is not possible always. But there are methods to take a picture without sound. For the Galaxy S6 there exists a simple method to mute the shutter audio.

Android 6.0.1 is currently getting rolled out for brand-new Nexus smartphones, so if you buy the Pixel C in the coming days, you will get this latest version immediately also. You’ll receive regular security updates for another three years also. Ok, the Note 3’s screen is truly a gem, and as we are accustomed to with Samsung, it’s super bright. For those who don’t actually like it that way, there exists a few different display settings.

Think too about the battery: did the previous owner have good battery habits? Just how many charge cycles will be left in a second-hand battery? May be the battery a genuine or a replacement even? Always check a used phone for signs of drops or repair (if the screen is ideal but the rest of the phone is worn maybe it’s been replaced etc), ask whether it comes with a box and so forth.

the corner (June 25) – when Google typically announces a fresh Android version – the question needs to be asked: is Android 4.4.3 being dropped to create method for the Android 4.5 or 5.0 rollout? In its function as Android’s flagship telephone, the Nexus 6 will run Android 5.0 Lollipop. Apple’s iPhone runs the most recent version of iOS, iOS 8.0. We’ll enable you to get full comparisons after we get Android 5.0 on October 17th via the SDK.

The good thing is that the study mentions why the guideline isn’t fool-proof also. The formula hangs on the known truth that you fumble together with your phone as you drop it. The research implies that a phone dropped without resistance at the moment it loses connection with your fingers is in fact more likely to land face-up, meaning your screen will be more likely to survive the impact.